Poonam V. Mehta


Mrs. Poonam Mehta’s teaching passion began fifty-six years ago. Her journey has been challenging yet very rewarding. Being an educator and a counsellor, she believes the most important contribution to a community is education.

She resigned from her position as principal of a well-established educational organization in Hong Kong to dedicate her time towards worthy causes in both India and Hong Kong. Whilst she was ruminating, God led her to greener pastures, she believes. In Mumbai, she is one of the trustees of ‘Dreamz Home’ an orphanage and shelter for street children and a core member of The Sage Foundation.

Currently she is the President of Be the Change Hong Kong Ltd, a registered NGO, which has as its mission to help underprivileged children and families who live in Hong Kong and is greatly supported by volunteer helpers. She supervises students from Monash University, Australia. She has, also, been appointed a committee member for the Promotion of Racial Harmony in Hong Kong Home by the Secretary for Home Affairs.

Furthermore, she is an author of many children’s books and her recent published book is called: ‘Joyful Journey on a Bumpy Road.’