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Are you registered organisation?
We are registered with the Societies Office, Hong Kong.
Are you affiliated with any other organisation?
Yes, for more information on our affiliates, please go to our Affiliates section.
Who are the core members of BTC?
Raju Wadhwani
Poonam Mehta
Leesha Khemlani
Naresh Gangaramani
Sapna Lakhani
Neha Purswani
How do I apply to be a volunteer?
Please contact the office or the following members
  1. Poonam Mehta - (852) 9235 6628
  2. Leesha Khemlani - (852) 9350 0581
  3. Naresh Gangaramani - (852) 9046 7247
Do teachers have to be qualified?
Not necessarily. A briefing for training and guidance will be given to the volunteers from a qualified educator.
Do I need to attend the induction session to become a volunteer?
A brief induction/orientation session will be given 1 hour before the teaching session starts. This is to help you familiarise yourself with the students and other volunteers, as well as tounderstand the day’s schedule.
When and where does tutoring take place?
It takes place every Saturday afternoon
Time: from 2:00p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Venue: ‘Be The Change’ Centre Flat C/D, 6th Floor,
27– 33 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui,
How is the tutoring hour structured?
2 sessions each lasting an hour 15 min, including a snack break.
Volunteers can spend 1 – 2 hours every Saturday.
How often will I tutor?
Once a week only, but if you are available on weekdays and would like to give more of your time, we would be delighted to arrange a suitable time for you to tutor students who may require extra lessons.
How long will my teaching commitment last?
We need at least a 3-month commitment from each volunteer, as it helps the children bond with the volunteers.
Will I receive any teaching package?
Yes. All volunteers will receive a package together with resources. They will be trained in strategies for teaching English as a Foreign Language.
What kind of education will I be providing?
Education is tailored to a local-based programme. Since the children attend local schools, the curriculum designed in their schools is rigid. These children therefore need support to think out of the box, and this is the space we aim to provide at BTC.
What curriculum and materials will volunteers use?
As of now, children bring their homework, and we have designed a Foundation and Enrichment programme which is being used by volunteer teachers in addition to their homework. Your support in these areas is much appreciated. Also, volunteers should make an effort to keep the classes enjoyable and creative.
Can I bring any materials from home?
Yes, you may, provided that they are appropriate for the child’s age and level. Visual aids will help the teaching process, and alternatively volunteers can also suggest some teaching materials which can be bought by BTC.
What are the ages of the children receiving tutoring?
The age of both boys and girls range from 6 – 14 years.
What is the student to tutor ratio?
The student to tutor ratio is 1 : 1.
Can I bring a friend with me to tutoring?
Yes, you may, provided there is no interruption during the teaching session.
What else will be required of volunteers each week?
Volunteers may join monthly outings, play games and provide suggestions on different venues for the outings or send funds for snacks.
Do you have tutorials for the families on weekdays?
Presently we have 4 adults taking oral English lessons. We have future plans to enhance families’ skills in cookery, computers, and sewing.
In what other ways can I contribute to BTC??
  • You may contribute funds for field trips and other resources.
  • Join our monthly outings
  • Provide simple and weekly snacks /refreshments
  • Sponsor monthly snacks for children to eat at school during break time.
  • Support family requirements such as school bags, school uniform, shoes raincoats, umbrellas, stationery, clothing, household items
  • Subsidize housing
  • Provide job opportunities
  • Sponsor a child
  • Support medical treatment in case of emergency
Will I be eligible for a certificate?
A note of appreciation will be provided upon request.
Whom can I contact if I have any questions?
Please contact Mrs. Mehta BTC
Office: (852) 3488 2729
Mobile: (852) 9235 6628


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